Structure and membership

GJASD International
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Green Jobs and Sustainable Development International Centre

Organs – The organs of GJASD International are:

  • The General Assembly, which is the ruling body of the Organisation; and


  • The Executive Committee, which carries out all actions related to the management of ongoing activities.


GJASD International's core members are high level professionals with many years of working experience and managerial responsibilities in international organisations. They worked in practically all regions of the world and provided advice and technical assistance to some 70 countries and this work continues. Other active members are dynamic and enthusiastic professionals who have decided to dedicate their energy and time to fostering transition to a green economy, creation of national parks to preserve their biodiversity; measuring green growth, green jobs and green labour market performance, etc.

Also, GJASD International  has associate members.

On 25 September 2017, the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law and GJASD International have signed the document to endorse the University's Associate Membership at GJASD International


​The financial resources of the organisation include:

  • Annual membership fees
  • Donations
  • Public and private subsidies

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Green Jobs and Sustainable Development International Centre advisory service

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