Mr. Igor Chernyshev 


Mr. Ilya Gorbunov

​Associate MemberCo-founder of the STACQAN Company​​ (

Green Jobs and Sustainable Development International Centre

Mrs. Tahmina Mahmud
Green Jobs and

 Sustainable Tourism

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Mr Abadi Fetaw

Member of the Round Tables,
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Meetings Programme

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Dr. Esuna Dugarova
Team Leader
Green Economy Potential Programme 

Dr. Vera D. Lalchevska
Team Leader

for the Balkans Region 

Mrs. Cristina Ganta
Green Jobs and Labour Statistics 

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Web Designer

Mr. Hugo Oberson​
Team Leader

for  Central Asia and the Caucasus​

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Mr. Igor Vokatch

General Secretary


Mr. Yves Chamorel 


We apply the latest international recommendations and best national practices to deliver quality products and provide sound advisory service in the areas of our expertise.
The Association works in partnership with the Swiss law firm CPB Partners Avocats , founded in 1971 (Geneva, Switzerland).

For more than 30 years, leading experts and partners of GJASD International have been active in areas linked directly or indirectly with a green economy paradigm, jobs, employment and measurement of labour market performance. We strive for the highest standards in everything we do.

Green Jobs and Sustainable Development International Centre advisory service