Green Jobs and Sustainable Development International Centre 


Established in 2014​
President: Yves Chamorel

GJASD International’s mission is to enhance general awareness of the consequences of climate change and the importance of shifting toward a green and sustainable economy; promote greening enterprises and green sectors as the areas of significant opportunities for investment, growth and jobs; advance the mechanisms for measuring green growth and green labour market performance; assist countries in harnessing their green tourism potential - thereby  achieving greater coherence between economic, social and environmental dimensions as aspired to in Agenda 2030.




Green Jobs and Sustainable Development International Centre advisory service

GJASD International is an independent non-profit association, based in Geneva (Switzerland), which engages and collaborates with a broad range of actors in on-going dialogue on a wide range of issues and policies related to the promotion of green jobs, employment, social inclusion and sustainable development. 

GJASD International

c/o l'Etude d'avocats
Chemin des Carrés 37
1284 Chancy

Tel: +41(0)76.343.86.87